Ready to ship collection

 Ready to ship   

A selection of  ready to ship Headwear, some are one of a kind , others are variations  of current designs or are ready made pieces from the current collections .     



  Spring / Summer millinery designs 

 Hats , headpieces , floral crowns , halos and fascinators in  Straws, fabrics and leather  suitable for spring and summer events including the  Melbourne cup carnival , 


Headpieces , halos , crowns and fascinators

 Headpieces , Leather floral crowns and Halos,  fascinators , Headbands                            

 A great selection of  headpiece designs  for all seasons in materials such as felt , straws , leather , feathers and more


Autumn / Winter millinery designs

Autumn / Winter millinery designs  

A range of designs in  felts , leather ,lace and fabrics  for Autumn racing and other such special event




Most of the designs  are  individually handcrafted when your  order is received .
Orders take between 4 days  to 2 weeks to complete for standard orders depending on the design and time of year ( refer to individual listings for average production timelines ( please note  completion times may vary during busy carnival periods ,particulary Melbourne cup carnival ).  
we also often have a selection of ready to ship pieces available , these are shown on the READYMADE- all ready to ship page