Floral turban headbands - update

Update 5th October 
These have proved to be very popular and sell very quickly , more one offs will be available weekend of  13th / 14 th  October , 
Perfect for Spring carnival and the Melbourne cup carnival ,  many of these 
 floral turban bands are one offs  and each will be slightly different in both the twist and drape detail and the floral feature .Taking inspiration from the  classic turban, these modern easy to wear bands are  made from fabrics and millinery silk twisted  and draped , then   embellished with fabric  floral detail , some also have  feathers . theres also a couple of designs with leather floral detail which can be made to order in many different colour combinations by request . Some of the below designs can be ordered , others are examples of sold one offs . 
More  one off readymades will be  coming very soon !
black and white floral turban band custom feathered floral turban band yellow and white headpiece
green floral turban band red and pink floral turban band

 Imimi floral turban with leather floral detail