Usual production and processing timelines

 Ready to ship  - Anything ready to go is listed on the ready to ship page and will typically ship next business day to 2 business days  after order placement 
Made when ordered designs   -Standard making times apply at the moment
Allow 4 days - 2 weeks making  time for standard orders ( dependant on design -  Refer to design description ) 

  Making time for special orders / custom colours / custom pieces can be discussed during enquiry and  may vary from 1 week up to 3-4 weeks ( depending on design ,if  materials have to be ordered in , current order levels and how busy it is ) 

Turnaround time  for made when ordered designs  can be changeable depending on time of year and  order levels  ( especially peaks times around Spring racing  season ).
 All changes to making time are  advised on this page and kept up to date   

see delivery info page  for further information on shipping

Any enquiries  please email me at or pm me on Instagram or FB , links in footer